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Rescue Dig: “what you want is time, more time, and light/But both are going fast”

In a fading light, working towards evening, Knowing next day the contractors will be there, Impatient earth-movers, time-is-money men, And the trench, hastily dug, already crumbling (No leisure for revetments), you’re suddenly aware Of some recalcitrant thing, as when your … Continue reading

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A Haiku Yearbook: the calendar in haikus…

Snow in January Looking for ledges To hide in unmelted. February evening: A cold puddle of petrol Makes its own rainbow. Wind in March: No leaves left For its stiff summons. April sunlight: Even the livid bricks Muted a little. … Continue reading

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Dead metaphors: “A child refusing to be born…”

A child refusing to be born, carried so long It smothers the heart, dying as the mother dies. A scar speaking in cold weather of the flesh it was. A purlieu of levelled bricks where a house once stood. A … Continue reading

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Hedgehog: “A country creature, wary, quiet and shrewd…”

Twitching the leaves just where the drainpipe clogs In ivy leaves and mud, a purposeful Creature about its business. Dogs Fear his stiff seriousness. He chews away At beetles, worms, slugs, frogs. Can kill a hen With one snap of … Continue reading

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