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How and why I write poetry: Anthony Thwaite OBE explains his quixotic working processes

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Passing on: Grandads speaking to grandsons across the centuries

Passing On Simon, my grandfather, born in ’72, Told me the tale of how, as a young boy He stood in Bradford City Hall and saw The high-winged collar Gladstone wore wilt low. The great man spoke for hours. The … Continue reading

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‘Philip Larkin in New Orleans’: Anthony Thwaite’s moving tribute to his friend

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Fatherhood and poetry: Anthony Thwaite’s poems for his daughter

Child crying My daughter cries, and I Lift her from where she lies, Carry her here and there, Talk nonsense endlessly. And still she cries and cries In rage, mindlessly. A trivial anguish, found In every baby-book. But, at a … Continue reading

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A rare love poem from Anthony Thwaite: ‘Silence’…

(for Ann) This silence, with you away — These silences, day after day — Silence itself, pure and cold and grey — Once I welcomed it, heard Nothing but peace, even a bird Disturbing it. Without a word Silence welcomed … Continue reading

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